Designing your home can be an exciting experience, but we understand that it can also be incredibly daunting. Distinctive Design Homes’ mission is to simplify the process of building and to develop a unique and sustainable home just for you.

Our company has a strong focus on quality, not quantity, with only a select number of distinctive design homes built in any year. Our passion lies in ensuring that your home is made to the highest quality and fits perfectly with your lifestyle and needs. Along with this, being an in-house designer as well as a builder ensures that we can manage the entire process from start to finish and make your build journey an easy and enjoyable one.

Distinctive Design Homes encapsulates the best of passive solar design and sustainable construction to create a healthy home. These designs are readily available, simplifying the planning process and making your life easier.

From our range of designs, we aim to produce a unique and high quality ‘Healthy Home’ in every way that exceeds our client’s expectations. Distinctive Design Homes encapsulates all the principles of a custom-designed home builder, minus the stress. We also offer design services exclusively as well as our affordable House and Land packages.